söndag 13 november 2016

Grattis till Johanna Westman!

(foto: Eva Ankarvall)

Bästaste Westman har fått pris.

Så välförtjänt! Jag har under lång tid följt hennes idoga arbete med att förmedla matlagarglädje, och har med stor glädje noterat att hon vänder sig till barn på ett så proffsigt och respektfullt sätt. Grymt bra!

Stort grattis, Johanna!

fredag 11 november 2016

Crazy enough for buying a book in Swedish?

Yes! In November it´s allowed to start doing craft for christmas. I have asked the Santa-family, they said YES in chorous. 

Maybe you like the calender on the picture? With 24 small and different cardboard boxes, each with a small handle it's fun to open each day!

The following text is only for parents ...
And it's easy for busy parents to put in surprises little by little. I know. It's not always easy to keep up with the expectations from the most important people in our lives. And have a full time jobb. This gift calender is constructed for the reality. 

Speaking normal again: 
Can you read swedish? Or understand well enough from step by step pictures? 
I have made two books with fun and playful craft ideas to do together with kids. (The yellow book also in Danish.)
Maybe it's time to be crazy enough to buy a book in Swedish? :-)
If so, please mail me and I tell you more about the prices, shipping and so on.

Snart är det jul igen!

Och vet ni, mina böcker går nog snart bara att köpa genom mig.
Vill du handla?
Maila mig så snackar vi mera om priser, frakt och eventuell signering.

Och ja, det klart att man får börja julpyssla nu. Det är ju redan november, och snart vill ni väl ha lådkalendern klar?