fredag 22 mars 2013

Do crafts together

This blog in mainly in swedish, sorry for that! But please have a look at my profile at Rabén & Sjögren Publishing Group, and read more about my books in this post.

These are my two books I have made, so far ...

To do crafts with children is a fun way to be together, to play and to create. This book is shock full of fun ideas and good instructions for crafts suitable for both the young and the old. And most of the crafts you can also play with!

A magic wand, a luxurious sugar egg or a ghost costume – here are lots of suggestions for fun and nice crafts suitable also for younger children. Because even young children find
joy in crafting and creating, and the craft session is a fun way to be together. Making their own toys – carrying a small but important project through from idea to finished product
– can help children build stronger self-esteem.

The book contains a number of clever craft ideas, and there are many descriptions in both photos and text. The crafts are divided according to which material is used: paper, cloth, wood and plaster and paper pulp, for example, and there are simple recipes of how to make play dough and papier-mâché. For those who are traveling, or want to have time for an improvised moment of crafting after daycare, there are tips on travel crafts and “after daycare” crafts.

The basic materials are simple and easy to get. Everything can be made at home at the kitchen table without much cost. Yes, this is a very inspirational book with suggestions
for nice and useful things to make – empty containers and simple materials turn into fantastically inspiring creations.
But most important, of course, is having fun together!

From the content:
Wall theatre
Bicycle driver’s license
Different kinds of ghosts
Make your own paper
Hairy hats
Christmas tree calendar
Magic wands
Stuffed monster

Christmas is surely the biggest holiday for arts and crafts!

You can create so many fun things to use both as decorations and as Christmas presents and it is most fun when children and adults do crafts together.

This book is packed with fun ideas and detailed instructions for arts and crafts that the adults and the very young can handle equally well and you can make many things from what you already have at home! The crafts are divided into different Christmas themes like dress- up, outside/inside crafts, Christmas presents, Christmas tree decorations and after-Christmas crafts.

An inspirational Christmas craft book you can use for many Christmases.

Age: 3-6, and up!

Vill ha ...

... och får lust att göra!
Ska vi plocka fram kartong och lite av varje, och göra egna fantasifulla instrument?

Kan man spela på dem då? Njae, men Picasso gjorde dem nog mer som en idé eller personlig beskrivning av vad en gitarr kan vara. Och jag tycker mig höra några "ploink" och "ploing", gör du ...?

Och så där som hans gitarrer ser ut, ungefär så känns det som att det kan låta, när jag försöker spela gitarr.

Hur gjorde han dem då? Ja, kika här, så ser du ungefär hur han fövandlade platt kartong till en skulptur:

(Den som vill får gärna överraska mig med en resa till New York, där Picassos gitarrer finns i Moma's samlingar ...)