fredag 11 november 2016

Crazy enough for buying a book in Swedish?

Yes! In November it´s allowed to start doing craft for christmas. I have asked the Santa-family, they said YES in chorous. 

Maybe you like the calender on the picture? With 24 small and different cardboard boxes, each with a small handle it's fun to open each day!

The following text is only for parents ...
And it's easy for busy parents to put in surprises little by little. I know. It's not always easy to keep up with the expectations from the most important people in our lives. And have a full time jobb. This gift calender is constructed for the reality. 

Speaking normal again: 
Can you read swedish? Or understand well enough from step by step pictures? 
I have made two books with fun and playful craft ideas to do together with kids. (The yellow book also in Danish.)
Maybe it's time to be crazy enough to buy a book in Swedish? :-)
If so, please mail me and I tell you more about the prices, shipping and so on.

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